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Ripple Moments


Compassion ~ Hope ~ Connection

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A Quiet Space to Breathe ~ Inspire ~ Change ~ Connect

Ripple Moments inspire the breath through connected conversations that allow us to build stronger and healthier communities. Hearing stories about our leaders, neighbors, and our friends lives lends inspiration as we learn from their challenges, gratitude moments, and hear how they pushed through to find their light in the dark. We use these conversations, incorporate the breath and ripple moment and use it to show how the narrative breath can be utilized as a coping mechanism for healthy living through its intentionality. Our hope is to use these stories to transpire hope and inspiration as they show how we pivoted, coped, and are emerging even stronger.


Why Stories Matter: Stories are an instrumental way to touch the hearts of our community. In storytelling, making the human connection is paramount to effectively making connection with your listeners. “Stories powerfully hook and hold human attention because, at a brain level, whatever is happening in a story is happening to us and not just them” (VanDeCarr, 2013). Paul Zak noted that people listening to a story with a classic dramatic arc release more brain chemicals associated with empathy and that, in turn, prompts more generosity (VanDeCarr, 2013). We will use the stories of real people as a hook that allows our listeners to better connect and end with a breathwork session.

When & Where 


Join us virtually on social media platforms every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 5:00pm (CST) for community conversations that conclude with a quiet breath and ripple moment. You must stay with us for our guests 'My Ripple Moment'!


Main Features of My Ripple Moments Conversations


There are 7-Main Components worth noting about these conversations with every broadcast offering the following:


  • Core questions posed to every candidate 

  • A COVID Quiz – Meant to provide a bit of humor in our pain

  • Skill-related conversation questions unique to the candidate

  • Your Ripple Moment that allows guest open space to share from the heart

  • An intentional gratitude question to promote an attitude of gratitude in our community

  • A relay interviewee recommendation that each candidate provides as a lead for a subsequent session

  • Featured community artists we should know and support

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