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Ripple Moments

Ripple Moments is a series of community conversations that help us all cope and beat the isolation we feel during a pandemic. Ripple Moments bring stories to our favorite chairs, our porches, our dining room tables and living rooms.


We're sharing stories from people in our community, allowing it to bond us together and  strengthen the fabric of our being. Ripple Moments will inspire us all! It will give us hope and allow us to find common ground through a non-threatening vehicle of storytelling.

This platform is a way to help us make sense of where we are today and how we respond to it by hearing the stories of other people and hearing how we are more connected than we could ever think. It opens up the space for us to learn from each other in a non-threatening space. It inspires the narrative breath through connected exchanges; allowing us to build stronger and healthier communities. Hearing the stories about our leaders, neighbors, and our friends lives lends inspiration as we learn from their challenges, their gratitude moments, and hear how they pushed through to find their light in the dark as we show how they pivoted, coped, and are emerging even stronger.


One segment of these conversations that we wish to highlight is the signature feature called 'My Ripple Moment'. My Ripple Moment is intended to move change by connecting and motivating us through a call to action as issued by our every guest as we make space to allow them to inspire. Please join our live sessions but if you've missed we need you to get caught up on My Ripple Moments on this blog and if you can check out our podcasts as well.


Ripple Moments Blog

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

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