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The Backstory to Sarayah’s Song


*Sarayah's Song is the story of a young lady with a passion for helping others and what's a best time to start than during a pandemic?

I got a call at the end of summer that this young lady wanted my support in starting a program for girls to connect, particularly during COVID-19. If you are acquainted with my personal life during COVID you’d know how big of an ask this is. I have no more hours in my day, my night, or in my rem sleep to give.  However, we pulled a quick Zoom call together and in meeting with 11-year old Sarayah, I learned that this group would not only connect as a girl’s group but they had a benevolent objective.

Sarayah had no money, no girls-yet, but she had purpose. She wanted to ensure that this girl’s group was about giving. That’s when I perked up in my forced Zoom space to tune in closely. I asked her to share more. Turns out it was everything that I had been screaming for over the last few years; that our children learn how to give and not just take! That they learn to see beyond self and extend themselves to their communities. She had fully gained my attention! She wanted to give away 2-food baskets every month to the hungry or homeless. At last, I had found the golden child! She just didn’t have a visible or tangible golden egg 🍳. Instead, it was buried in her heart to help humanity. 


I have turned this ask into “Sarayah’s Song” - her lyrics are simple and pure; intended to move not just girls, but boys and mommy’s and daddy’s to all the little ways we can do more. Join me in giving towards Sarayah’s Song as this 11-year old leads the way in feeding the hungry. There has never been a better time around the world to think beyond ourselves by building a larger community of people who care enough to feed our neighbors. This past November my friend Talipha Charles, moved by the long lines waiting to be fed in America, took the leap. She is sponsoring our first 2 baskets and that money got matched by Michele Diaz. Without being asked, these two ladies stepped up to help me launch Sarayah’s Song moving us from $0.00 to $400.00. 

In addition, we have teamed up with Facing Forward to help us meet this goal of giving and meeting our communities basic needs. The Utopia Connect Foundation believes that we cannot advance women and families if we cannot meet their critical and basic needs. Facing Forward is doing great work and aligns with our vision, they believe that the path to a better future hinges on those critical needs being met and is a first step leading to empowerment. We are all about finding ways to empower those we work with and  we embrace this partnership in feeding the hungry and homeless. The funds raised by Sarayah's Song will help to advance women and women with children through our partnership with Facing Forward.  Learn more about Facing Forward's work here:

Here’s our ask for you:

  • Give towards Sarayah’s Song that my dreamer can begin to lead in ways that our children should. You can inbox/email us that you would like to be the next giver or match someone's giving. You can  or you can use the attached link to give. Thank You!

  • Consider those without and give to Sarayah's Song as we feed the hungry. I have always considered that if those with something to give connected with those without - we’d collectively & effectively shift world hunger. Let’s begin today! Step out of your comfort zone with us and let's find someone to help. Surprisingly, they often won’t ask - we should! 

  • Ha! I’ve now acquired a girl’s group! I am going to need you to help me in giving continued inspiration and help us find ways to connect, learn and grow together. There is so much GIRL MAGIC floating around town that I thought I’d spread the love to other women who can join our programmed Zoom meetings to help us inspire. You can email us below with your contact, content, and interest as we’d love our girls to hear what other women are doing, overcoming, and how they too can lead.

  • Give to Sarayah's Song. No donation is too small. Your donation will help us fund Zoom sessions that bring these young girls together and towards the launch of their bracelet project that feeds right back into programming.

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