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Here is a tidbit about our projects and ways that you can help  us make greater impact in our Chicago communities.
Fund one or Donate to all!     

A Proud Woman helps us to create products that will allow women and girls to connect their achievements through. It supports our sewing program, the cost of production and marketing to promote opportunities to inspire women and girls.

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I have turned this ask into “Sarayah’s Song” - her lyrics are simple and pure; intended to move not just girls, but boys and mommy’s and daddy’s to all the little ways we can do more. Join me in giving towards Sarayah’s Song as this 11-year old girl leads the way in feeding the hungry.


“I Am Breathing” provides a holistic opportunity for the city of Chicago and its visitors to embrace this new mantra "I Am Breathing" as an affirmation of life as we continue to make it through a pandemic. The project coalesces community artists, leaders, and residents to join us this summer for a moment of gratitude as we allow the  “I Am Breathing” series to unfold across our city as seen through the eyes of Chicago artists. 

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Access and Information to information is key to building healthier communities. Until we can design better ways to connect our community to the resources, information and help them find opportunities to build healthier and better lives our job is not complete. You can support the design, build, and launch of our resource website today.


Leaders are not born when they walk into office. Instead, leadership is cultivated and nurtured along the way. At the Utopia Connect Foundation, we recognize the strengths that young adults bring to our city and our Young Executive Impact Board (YEIB) taps into those strengths with purpose to help rally our Chicago community to take action. Support YEIB as young leaders are empowered to make decisions in an age when we need them to own what our future looks like. Hear what they are up to next!

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Next Level for Women

This is a fund that allows us to help women and girls who have high aspirations, exhibit promise, are making contributions, and simply need that next level of support that we can leverage and provide them along with your sponsorship.

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We recognize that none of us are exempt from stray bullets; none of us are exempt from the pain that’s felt when mothers mourn; and we are not exempt from the fear we feel within the confines of our own city due to the reckless disregard for life.  Our hope is that as we plant seed bombs in neighborhoods across the city that we can bolster the value of life. Beautification: Seed bombs have the potential to create vibrancy to crime infested areas and help to diminish crime since overgrown or unkempt property becomes an invitation for crime.

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As we explore more ways to make impact within communities, one of the most impactful ways we found we can make some deep inroads towards changing lives and communities for the long-term, is through a fun but focused approach on Literacy. Do you know the number of young kids who are still struggling to read and write yet are about to graduate? Literacy Rocks is intended to ensure kids are "Future Ready", becoming less emotional and irrational thinkers and moving towards a more critical and problem solving thinkers through creative processing that allows them to succeed academically.. 

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