Making Chicago Vibrant and Safe

The Spring for Life Project supports and promotes the value of LIFE.

Join us to plant seed bombs and nurture the value of every human life in Chicago.

On May 27th, 2017 we will meet to plant and celebrating life from 10:30am - 12:30pm.


Come out to drop seed balls * Exchange LIFE hearts * Connect with community

Enjoy the finale of a butterfly release to symbolize and celebrate LIFE.


*West Humboldt Park Location: 3713 West Chicago Ave

Spring for Life

Project Overview: On May 27, 2017 the Utopia Connect Foundation will bring many Chicago communities and other non-profits together to take a united stand for the value of life in Chicago.


We recognize that none of us are exempt from stray bullets; none of us are exempt from the pain that’s felt when mothers mourn; and we are not exempt from the fear we feel within the confines of our own city due to the reckless disregard for life.  Our hope is that as we plant seed bombs in neighborhoods across the city that we can bolster the value of life.Beautification: Seed bombs have the potential to create vibrancy to crime infested areas and help to diminish crime since overgrown or unkempt property becomes an invitation for crime.


A by-product of this project, while in essence, a direct product, is the repopulation of wild flowers which will attract wildlife such as butterflies and bees that are essential to a healthy environments that support the space for crops to grow.


Scope of Project: The spring for Life Project allows for multiple touch points and opportunities for impact on Chicago’s communities. Seed bombs can serve a strategic-green and sustainable purpose. Particularly when coupled with a plan to help revitalize communities that are impacted by blight and crime, it can only help to bolster the welfare of those communities and make them more vibrant places to live. Our goal is to engage as many stakeholders that we can to support and help us to honor and promote life in Chicago with the aim of decreasing violence across the city. We believe that through the intentional efforts and investments like this, we can make our city a safer place to dwell.  

  1. The first touchpoint was launched this fall when the project was introduced to teens and they begin to build seed bombs to be packaged for planting and project description.

  2. The second touchpoint took place at the unveiling of The Hacking the City 4 Good event on November 17, where teens shared the project details to the audience and the impact they will make across Chicago through this project 

  3. The third touchpoint occurs over the spring session when teens and adults will continue to build seed bombs and do the research about various areas of the city that could become best recipients of the seed bombs 

  4. The fourth touchpoint takes place when seed bomb pouches are made available to those invested to help support this project. They will toss the seed bombs in respective areas of the city that are impacted by blight or crime; and ultimately they will become contributors to building safer communities in Chicago. In addition to tossing the seed bombs, we will invite the community to throw their loved ones names into our bowl of life. The bowl of life is incorporated as a symbolic act and pronouncement on life.

  5. The fifth touchpoint allows communities to become beneficiaries of greener, safer, and more invested neighborhoods. During the month of May, using various mediums we will advertise and announce our intention for our city and ask each seed bomb holder to toss their seed bomb on the assigned vacant lot on May 27th to help build a safer Chicago 

  6. The sixth touchpoint takes place when the seed bombs have worked their magic and have transformed select Chicago communities.

We truly hope you will join us and bring your friends along!