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“I Am Breathing” provides a holistic opportunity for the city of Chicago and its visitors to embrace this new mantra "I Am Breathing" as an affirmation of life as we continue to make it through a pandemic. The project coalesces community artists, leaders, and residents to join us this summer for a moment of gratitude as we allow the  “I Am Breathing” series to unfold across our city as seen through the eyes of Chicago artists. 


As we move through this pandemic we will continue to practice caution yet embrace the use of art across our city to unite us and remind us of how fortunate we are to be breathing through a pandemic. This installation series also provides our city with the opportunity to get outdoors this summer with family that we can be close with to appreciate city art and socially share our gratitude through photography socially; connecting with our friends and family across the world.


This project is also meant to inspire life through its messaging as Chicago is sadly, already off to another violent start in 2021. Through this project, our summer months brings us an opportunity to inspire more gratitude and kindness towards each other; serving as an impetus for good.


Please support in any way you can, by placing your name on a piece of our permanent Chicago artwork. If you and your company would like to become a sponsor of this project, placing your name as a major contributor please contact: Muriel Baptiste at or at 773-931-2262.


This installation is coming to a place near you soon!


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