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My name is Makayla Betancourt and I am excited to hold the position of President of The Young Executive Impact Board. I am working towards building a board that finds and develops young people like myself to help build a better community and a better world through intentional, educated, and committed visionary work.


I am passionate about young women like myself being grounded and knowing who they are. Empowerment is key to finding our voices and navigating our futures. Therefore, it is with great joy that I continue to work on securing resources for our "Say YES to Safe Sex"Campaign but it is also with great joy that I work towards the launch of Affirming Me

Please plan to join us or sponsor a young woman as we gear up for Affirming Me on March 7, 2024.

More information coming soon!


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What's Happening Next!

The Young Executive Impact Board will rally around issues that pertain to women and to building healthy

communities to exact impact that can be measured.

We're Making Strides
Advancing Women & Girls
Join us for our Women's Day Event!

Here is what we are focused on in the light of the recent decision to overturn Roe. This decision impacts our generation in a way that we can only unpack with actionable responses that are committed towards the work we do for women and girls.

We are launching the "Say YES to Safe Sex" Campaign (SYSS). This campaign is intended to deliver impact in multiple ways. 

1. Impact for Women:

  • This launch will help to impact women and girls, allowing them to feel empowered to lead healthy life choices and develop and support healthier sexual practices. Women's reproductive health is a significant issue at stake for the practice of safe sex 

2. Impactful Campaign:

  • The Utopia Connect Foundation's Body, led and supported by the passions of the Young Executive Impact Board will lead an effective campaign necessary to fund all aspects of the Say YES to Safe Sex Campaign.

3. Impact for Community:

  • Safe sexual behaviors ultimately supports public health by minimizing the speed of sexually transmittable diseases.


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities for project support and welcome a call or email to discuss ways in which you too can support our mission.


Let's connect!

Telephone: 773-931-2262

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