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 What Matters!

Our mantra is that we all aspire to 

"Add Value".


For us, building a community is like a colony of ants carrying their catch or next meal. They work together...not alone. They build a strong team where everyone adds value. They are nurturing, building, gathering, teaching, mentoring, communicating, and to be quite honest, it sounds like most of them are girls and women and they are highly organized. This modern day society can learn a thing or two from the ants.


Let's get to working together! There is always something more to do here and we do let the men in too :-)

Looking forward to working together with you!


The Utopia Team ~

Our Vision

​To inspire Women and Girls to achieve proud and accomplished moments that position them to reach their highest potential and thrive; ultimately, empowering them to contribute towards building healthier communities in alliance with our vision.

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Our Mission

We are breaking through barriers and strengthening disenfranchised communities by inspiring and advancing women and girls; engaging them through projects, programs, and by making resources accessible that allows for healthier decision making by all of our beneficiaries.


Our Purpose Statement

The Utopia Connect Foundation reimagines how we improve the quality of living standards for communities through the investments we make in women and girls. We do this through strategic projects, mentorship programs, community engagement, and by designing spaces that create pathways for our beneficiaries to connect their life dots.

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Our Values

We Value each individual as a community’s best asset and work relentlessly to ensure that we provide them the best supports, services, resources, and settings to empower them into becoming their best selves.


We Promote collaboration, democracy, respect, accountability, and transparency, knowing that all of these tenants are the building blocks for strong community and business success.


We Connect people to resources and opportunities, making them highly visible-knowing that to shape thriving communities, coordination and access to information are vital.


We Advocate for systems that disrupt the status quo, allowing us to achieve advancement of thriving communities that promote access, equity and inclusion for those we serve.


We Volunteer our time and view it as a philanthropic act. Therefore, highly endorsing volunteerism as an asset to self and community that strengthens civility, social responsibility, associations, and skill development.  

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