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A Message From Our President

Hi There!

In 2020 I talked about the hand we were dealt, and I hate to say it; but 2021 was an equally challenging one on so many fronts. These last two years have tested our faith, our tolerance, our resolve, and our belief in humanity. It either strengthened our will and our faith if we remained stedfast enough to learn and grow from it; or it broke us and we continue to seek a lifeline and hope.

In 2022 I choose to continue to see hope in the face of our adversity. When I look down, the glass is still half full and it gives me the impetus to continue to dream that I can be more, do more, and achieve more. Actually, I am dreaming bigger than I have ever dreamt because my dreams are to make life for my community and those in my circle better and that aspiration I never give up on. There is a lot of brokenness and pain and even in the brokenness I see potential and opportunity and therefore, this dream requires that we stand closer together as a fortified team, because the work is plenty.

This year we will work hand in hand with our young leaders and capture the energy, vision, and skills they bring and use it to catalyze good in our communities. I ask that you step up to mentor a young leader and support or dream with us as we seek to serve as a top resource for our community of women and girls on Chicago's west side.


We look forward to your continued support and thank you in advance for caring enough to stand with us as together, we break through barriers.

With Extreme Gratitude,

Muriel Baptiste

Muriel Baptiste,

Executive Director, Utopia Connect Foundation

We Invite you to

Care, Connect, and Commit to Change

This work continues to demand that we all engage; it cannot be achieved in a vacuum, and it is why we ask that you connect and why we rally with others in our community to make this change happen. Please stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter so we can share with you what we will be doing at each quarter of the year. 


Rember, an Investment in One Woman is an Investment in a Whole Community.