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UCF Board Updates
2023 Fiscal Year

Utopia Connect Foundation Monthly Board Updates 


Dear Board,

My prayer is that we all got to enjoy family and friends this holiday season and most of all, got to refresh. 2023 is moving along quite quickly but my hope is that this will be your most fulfilled year yet and that you will succeed at all that you set forward to achieve.


As I walk into the new year, I look back at 2022 and reflect on the things that mattered to me most and what fights I should carry into 2023.


Last year I got to visit the land where I was born (Dominica); and while there, I got it hear some stories that made me take pause. I heard more stories centered around the abuse of women than I care to repeat. But simply noted, women as old as pastors wives, to young 17-year old girls are the victims of these egregious crimes and the acts are often hushed or buried for multiple reasons. In 2023 the abuse and suppression of women remains a  prevalent issue and one too serious around the world to turn a blind eye on or disregard its impact on women and their children.


2022 on that tiny island ended with 2 double homicide attempts which has left nothing but pain along with motherless and fatherless children in its wake. Domestic violence and crimes against women remains prevalent as women often do not have the means that leads to their indolence or lack the skills and resources to launch out on their own, thus, the abuse prevails.

This year we hope to work towards and launch our Campaign - "Say Yes to Safe Sex" giving young women the education and tools they need to make educated and healthy decisions about their bodies; in hopes that it will make a life-long impact and positively shape their trajectories.


When our women are made a priority and given opportunities to thrive, that success and element of wellness is passed down to their children and our communities ultimately benefit and become better places for us all to live and grow. The care we offer to women and girls must be made an elemental aspect of every country’s manifesto but the things we do on a micro level are just as important and it’s worth noting that none of us need an assigned title to become an up-stander for women. 


In 2023, the care we give to women and girls, will continue to be the focal point of our work. Actually, we will lend more concentrated attention to all that we can do to protect and advance women and girls and we will build more alliances to help us touch more women in multiple ways.

With best wishes for a fulfilled year!


Muriel ~

Next Board Meeting Dates 

1st Quarter Board Meeting

Date:  Saturday, March 4th 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Zoom link: Click Here to Join Now!

This year I wanted us to be more intentional and purposeful with planning of events and find better ways to communicate and document our goals. Therefore, I created a page that is solely for members and can mainly be accessed by a link or by the BM sign embedded .... Please find the schedule of all of our upcoming, officially planned meetings. As many of you know, from time to time we will need to host additional meetings and I will personally reach out to select members who might join me in a collaborative meeting or reach out for a select need of support. 


During these planned meetings, my goal is to utilize the wisdom in our room and have various committee leads share with us on ways we can enhance our leadership and procedural practices within the organization. These 4 committees will begin to provide us guidance and will present at each of our 4 main board meetings happening this year and as noted below.

The four committees are:

  • Executive Committee: Led by Sterling Goodrich (May 20th presentation)

  • External Affairs Committee: Led by Sheena Shukla (August 19th presentation)

  • Finance & Risk Committee: Led by Darlene Baptiste (November 11th presentation)

  • Governance Committee: Led by Laura Rice (June 17th presentation)


Projects & Updates

Women Pop-up Event for Women
Saturday, March 11th

This event takes place at 3101 W. Montrose Ave; at the kind sponsorship of Gems & Boards and Clear Conscience Candles. The event  is meant to promote and support women owned businesses.

Click here for your unique Evite link

Breaking Through Barriers Launch 
Date: TBD

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Say Yes to Safe Sex
Campaign Launch
Date: TBD

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Giving Tuesday 
Launch Date:11/28/22

Details Coming Soon

Sarayah's Song
Holiday Fundraising 
Date: November

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Young Executive Impact
Board Updates

Dear Board Member,


DEIB is in full swing!

The team will execute our first event on March 11th in honor of Women's History Month. The event is intended to support women who sell products; but often have no brick and mortar outlet or a designated space to market their products.


This is a free event; and being a woman who sells products and relies on events like these to interface with customers, I can assure you that showing up for women is tantamount to none. Your support on that day would be appreciated and your sales would make a woman's day. Please put this date on your calendar and we look forward to seeing you there.

Please find below your unique code for sharing the event with your network of colleagues, friends, and family.


Markayla Betancourt, President, YEIB



Event Flyer 

Beige Minimalist International Woman Day Flyer.jpeg
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Discussion Center

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