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UCF Board Updates
2024 Fiscal Year

Utopia Connect Foundation Monthly Board Updates 


Dear Board,

I am happy to say that we continue to make small,, but meaningful strides towards out goals. I cannot say thank you enough for all of you who have taken the time to support me in various ways and available for various undertakings. It means a lot to have some smart people in my corner. Thank you for all that you do!

I wanted to share this opportunity with you in the event you have a student loan with the Federal government. Your student loan is forgivable if you work with Utopia Connect and you can feel to discuss it if you would like to take advantage of the student loan forgiveness program.

Looking forward to seeing you at our first meeting of the year!



Muriel ~

Next Board Meeting Dates 

1st Quarter Board Meeting

Date:  Saturday, March 9th 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Zoom link: Click Here to Join Now!

This year I wanted us to be more intentional and purposeful with planning of events and find better ways to communicate and document our goals. Therefore, I created a page that is solely for members and can mainly be accessed by a link or by the BM sign embedded .... Please find the schedule of all of our upcoming, officially planned meetings. As many of you know, from time to time we will need to host additional meetings and I will personally reach out to select members who might join me in a collaborative meeting or reach out for a select need of support. 


During these planned meetings, my goal is to utilize the wisdom in our room and have various committee leads share with us on ways we can enhance our leadership and procedural practices within the organization. These 4 committees will begin to provide us guidance and will present at each of our 4 main board meetings happening this year and as noted below.

The four committees are:

  • Executive Committee: Led by Sterling Goodrich (June 22nd presentation)

  • External Affairs Committee: Led by Sheena Shukla (May11th presentation)

  • Finance & Risk Committee: Led by Darlene Baptiste (November 9th presentation)

  • Governance Committee: Led by Laura Rice (June17th presentation)


Projects & Updates

Women Event
Saturday, March


Breaking Through Barriers Launch 
Date: TBD


Say Yes to Safe Sex
Campaign Launch
Date: TBD


Giving Tuesday 
Launch Date:12/3/24


Sarayah's Song
Holiday Fundraising 
Date: November



Young Executive Impact
Board Updates

Dear Board Member,


DEIB is in a reflective pause!

I continue to assume the role of President but with my new baby Sebastian, joining the team, I am embracing being a new mother and finding ways to navigate love for my baby and and my love for becoming a doctor. I continue to balance my life and still consider ways to advance the cause of Utopia.

I promise I will be back in full swing soon and thank you for your patience.


Markayla Betancourt, President, YEIB


(Minutes or Updates)

Content Coming Soon!

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Board Business

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