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Change begins with you…..get involved in doing great things now! Connect with other young people who are making a big difference in their communities. Take the pledge to become an upstander and become your best self by helping to change situations in your community. Young men and women are encouraged to join this program with a heavy focus on helping to build strong communities, developing self, and pledging to become peacemakers. Oh, and you will have fun get to make these rules and determine next steps in this program while preparing yourself for leadership and career opportunities.

















The Positive Art Connection


The Positive Art Connection allows images, displayed in communities to speak to and inspire residents to be their best selves. Potentially, the subtlety of strategically positioning positive images in communities can help to shift the tone and thinking of residents, inspiring them to their greater good.



La Femme Fier was created with women and young girls in mind. We figured if we could find young girls who wanted to learn a trade and we could motivate them with the right incentives and connect them to other girls and women with the same interests and goals, then potentially, we would have created a community with a commitment to learning, growing, achieving, and excelling in an effort to improving their economic conditions. Our dedicated women will mentor younger women, teaching them how to design, build, and market their products and teach them entrepreneurial skills

Volunteer 4 the Soul


There is nothing like the act of volunteering that can build citizenry through its interaction and execution. Communities become stronger and better connected when people identify needs and work together to achieve them. Volunteering is one way of getting people to work together as it breaks down barriers and provides a vehicle for citizens to serve (an important element of being) within their communities. Here is an offer to you. Visit us as often as you’d like to find an opportunity to volunteer in your community or help a friend in another area of town. 



Explore, create, innovate - then share with your friends, your city or anyone else that will listen to your unique invention or finding, by sharing your hypothesis, your learning processes and challenges; and then telll us what you will do next. We're exploring ways to make challenging subjects more fun and less complex by working in groups and making the experience a thought provoking one where you do not need to know the answer right away but instead, you and your team can hunt it down through research and exploration. Or, you can zero-in on the field of learning that you want as we help you make those connections to areas that interest you and help you build your career in the STEM field. Interested in aviation? AeroStars has a program that you may be able to get into if you apply now! A waitlist may apply for this very popular program.

If you experience challenges in applying to any of our programs or services, please send us a detailed email with the program you are interested in joining and what problems you encountered. Programs begin late spring 2016 and is contingent on funding sources 

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