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We must become a nation ready to invest in education and our goal is to effectively engage individuals, universities, non-profits and for profit companies to see the larger vision for cities that invest in STEAM education for young people at the right ages. The right time is NOT college level education. The RIGHT time begins as early as pre-k and should definitely be ramped up in elementary and through high school, allowing children to build early identities and interest. We must find ways to engage young minds with an emphasis on closing the female gender gap; and equip them to lead the world in a very relevant industry that impacts all life forces. It is the way to ensure our economy remains vibrant and our kids and country do not fall behind the rest of the world.


Our Strategies:


  • Our goal is to engage dedicaed funders who understand the disparity and the lack of both funding and opportunity for effective STEM education and are passionate about closing this gap with a willingness to support our approach of heightening STEM learning in the City of Chicago-with a high emphasis on serving underserved populations including girls.

  • Recruit and engage all stakeholders to include youth participants, college partners, non-profits and for profits to collectively acheive the goals of City Steam. We are presently identifying STEM Educators and professional outlets that we can connect youth to in order to have them work side by side with professionals in the field who are committed to working with youth.

  • We will further heighten interest in the STEM field by creating outlets and avenues that make STEM education: A fun yet subtle learning experience using more innovative and challenging experiments. Our intention is to make the City Steam experience truly that; a city wide collaborative that rallies behind STEM education and intentionally uses a collaborative effort to increase successful outcomes for youth; allowing them to see a potential career in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. And then, there is the Arts. We did not forget the Arts. It is important as well and a good handle on STEM can then be applied to the Arts in various ways. We look forward to working with you and learning and growing together.

Stay Tuned for Programming Coming Soon!

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