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Belonging to Something New

Have you ever talked to someone and realized that you both shared some things in common? Or maybe you talked to someone and realized that they shared some of your qualities or some of your goals? Most likely you got excited or motivated, you wanted to know more, talk more, explore more about that person. Maybe you exchanged numbers or email addresses. You both had something in common. A relationship was forged. The stage was set for future contact and exploration. But what if there were more people, and more energy flowing in the same direction? Maybe a community would be formed with people of like mind and who knows what could come out of this community?


The sky’s the limit and holds endless potential when people form a community with set goals or agendas begin to work together to achieve them. Belonging to Something New, using a cooperative learning model, is orchestrated with a vision to get youth to connect over things they love, are passionate about, want to learn, or literally-just want to explore something new to get connected to a larger community. Join Belonging to Something New Now!


Our goal is to allow inclusive relationships, caring, respect, and service to become the cornerstone of the Belonging to Something New practice and allow that to impact the larger community and the city in measurable and scalable ways.


When applying, you will be asked to attend 3-fun and empowerment workshops. These workshops are fun and enlightening ones that will get you moving, connecting, behaving, and thinking in different ways, with people who will become a part of your Chicago team. The workshops are meant to empower you into becoming your best self while adding greater value to your community. Each graduate of the program will walk away with new life skills; a certificate of completion; a Utopia T-shirt; and a gift card.


Belonging to Something New Workshops:


  • Accessing My Power: A 2-hour workshop designed to walk youth participants through steps they can readily employ to become leaders, take action, diffuse conflict, resolve conflict, and ‘how to walk away’.

  • My Body Language- Its Positive, Neutral, and Negative Impact: A 2-hour workshop designed to provide participants with the resources needed to deal with difficult conversations, behaviors and situations such as: Bullying, Name calling, Racism, Sexism, and more.

  • Community, Connection, and Self: This 2-hour workshop takes a hard look at communities, self, resources, needs, government, and how each individual and their family fits into that larger mix. Participants walk away with a better understanding of their respective community and its interconnectedness; learn how they can instantly begin to connect and add value; and explore ways that they can lead and make positive change.


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