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The Project

Say "Yes" to Safe Sex is a positive campaign built to empower women  and girls to make healthier lifestyle decisions that impact their sexual and reproductive health. It aims to promote sexual wellness and education in our communities in order to mitigate the need or dependency on emergency methods such as Plan B pills, Abortion methods and reduces the need for drugs targeted towards the emergency treatment of contracted STDs/STIs in non-emergency situations.


In a time where women's rights and access to sexual and reproductive health services are being denied; it is of paramount importance to raise the stakes on education and heightening awareness on how every woman can empower herself. It will mean that our women and girls will need more access to information, tools, and resources that matter to her health. This also means that we should not necessarily isolate who gets these resources but also make them available to male counterparts so they too can develop habits and make safer sexual choices that protect our women and girls.


Why Sex-Ed Matters in 2022

Whichever side of the fence you're sitting on regarding Roe vs Wade, the crux of the matter </