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Why We Work Together

SMART Philanthropy Upcoming Events

See what we're up to and come out to support, volunteer or simply be inspired!

Upcoming Events:

  • Miracle Center performs their final performance ton Saturday, July 18th at 7:00pm Buy tickets here - Link

  • Join Team GOGO in action on Saturday, August 29th for a performance to be remembered - Link

Collaboration = Unified Vision & Holistic Appraoches

There's strength in numbers and we believe that is how the work that needs to be done in Chicago should be approached. By beginning in 2020, we're laying out a 7-year plan for our city that embraces a targeted and holistic approach to serving communities across Chicago.

Our Goal:

  • To openly and honestly discuss urban issues with the goal of identifying solutions that will help us to prioritize our agenda.

  • Visibility = Accountability - Until we discuss and remove the vail on the issues that permeate our city we are not making the maximum impact that we can have on our city.

Collaboration = Strategic Leveraging & Resources

Over duplication of services might very well be the best way to waste funding and steer clear away from what could be seen as a strong vision. This is why we choose to be strategic in how we offer services across this city and we maximize our impact by serving more while using less. Read more about our strategy...

Our Blueprint:

  • We are begin with a capital campaign that mobilizes everyone in our city to give to help change the trajectory of our communities.

  • We establish a city theme for 2020 and agenda

Collaboration = Greater Power & Impact

Hear from our partners about the impact they made and help us celebrate the changes we are achieving in Chicago!!!

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