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  • What is SMART Philanthropy: SMART Philanthropy can be summed up in 3 quick points 1. People to community Corporate to community and Community to state levels.


  • is a program that allows young kids and teenagers to explore their relationship to their communities and the roles they can assume in shaping healthy spaces. Participants go through a workshop that introduces them to the SMART Philanthropy concepts and goals. The workshop teaches and prepares them for ways that they can be their best selves and how they can critically assess their community's needs, then couple that assessment with actionable items to help make their communities vibrant, more supportive, and safer places to live.


  • Why SMART Philanthropy: SMART Philanthropy teaches young people more about the act of giving and serving. It is intended to meet a need of further shaping what giving and service could look like within community and in shaping civic minded young citizens. Our desire is to teach young people ways to give by guiding and engaging them through assessment…


  • How does SMART Philanthropy work:


SMART Philanthropy simplifies the act of giving by isolating tasks and by localizing service sites to Chicago blocks and immediate neighborhood areas.

  • It integrates soft skills that teach leadership, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills to participants. We layer up opportunities and add competitive elements to make this a growth oriented opportunity for participants.

  • It recognizes and catalyzes the act of service or giving.

  • By being deliberate, SMART Philanthropy enhances social and emotional learning through its equitable and participatory community engagement.



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