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The B-Zone

The B-Zone is an intentionally designed space meant to deliver balance. The team at Utopia Connect Foundation is purposeful in how we execute every undertaking by infusing elements of wellness into each activity or event we host at the B-Zone. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the B stands for Balance. Our intent is to create spaces and opportunities where we can Dialogue, Connect, Learn, Shift and together, work towards becoming our best selves in order to serve our communities well.


The B-Zone is made possible through the generous and deliberate partnership of Vivify Construction who sees beyond mere construction and instead; works towards building spaces that offer a more balanced quality of living for their residents. Vivify Construction holds a vision of making their dwelling places a holistic experience and one that contributes to making Chicago neighborhoods better places to live. With our joint efforts at the B - Zone, the communities of Austin, Oak Park, Elmwood Park, River Forest are afforded increased opportunities to engage in the arts and in mental wellness programs. 


At the B-Zone, we orchestrate each activity with intent because there are real-world problems our communities continue to face, and an emphasis on self-care is a strategic starting point. We cannot care for others if we don't know how to care for ourselves. We place high emphasis on serving women and girls in our community; and have therefore, infused that rich element of self-care as a launching pad to everything else we do. One of our board members recently elaborated on what makes a table so balanced and identified the need for all of its legs to be even; and when that element of balance is not present, that table remains in a constant state of instability-making it harder to function within its purpose, compromising its effectiveness.


Our hope is that as we promote spaces infused with elements of self-care, that care will ripple across our communities as we seek to build a more empathetic and safe city.  So from our quiet "Tea & Meditation" time to our "Dine & Dialogue" and our "Mindfulness Moments, we look forward to having you join us as we all begin to shift towards a renewed appreciation and awareness of ways that we all can harmoniously co-exist and be well.

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