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Sarayah's Song

Sarayah's Song

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The sky’s the limit and holds endless potential when people form a community with set goals or agendas begin to work together to achieve them. Sarayah's Song is meant to inspire a girl to do ANTHING she wants to do and inspire leadership among young people. Please give to support young girls as they move into woman-hood. Girls in this program will work to serve their community in feeding the hungry in addition to other community volunteer acts. $75.00 is the perfect amount for donating a food basket to the hungry and we could not do this without your help.

  • Your Sponsorship

    Your sponsorship will allow a young girl to explore her passions and find her voice. Women without a voice are often high on the statistics poll for abuse. Let's give girls what they need to grow into confiment young ladies.

  • Donation Acknowledgement

    Thank you for your generosity and for your commitment to support quality youth education and advance community services. We thank you for making a difference in the lives of families. After your donation is received you can expect to receive an official letter of acknowledgement of your giving.


    Again, Thank You.

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