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Start Your Petition Today!

residents are a community's best transformative vehicle  

Step #1: Create a Title or Good Headline

Create a clear and concise title that will instantly tell your audience what this petition is about. It is the main attention grabber and used to capture your audience. Make it relevant, urgent, and solution oriented.


Step #2: Identify Your Recipient

Identify who you should be sending and addressing your petition to. Is the ideal recipient your mayor or your alderman? Do your homework and ensure that you have the correct format and information included in your petition to have it reach the right desk and make the most impact. It is also important to determine the best approach for reaching your audience and collecting signatures-this all depends on the nature of the petition and the population you are trying to reach.


Step #3: Sell Your Audience

Identify your cause and determine the heart of the issue and what you are about to fight for! What are you passionate about or what stirs you most? Describe a short but compelling statement that tells your audience why this cause matters to you and should matter to them. Pull out the human and relatable elements-the personal story goes a long way but remember to stay on point.


Step #4: Call to Action

Clearly spell out the steps you would like your audience to take in order to move your request forward. Should they forward it on? Should they mail it? Be as clear as possible and always show importance and urgency. Utilize social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to help you in your quest.


Step #4: Download Your Petition Sample Here

Download our template as our way of supporting your efforts to change situations around you and advocate for change. This is just an example to help guide your thought process but you can also go online and utilize a petition site that may help you to move your request along quickly. 


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