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Makayla Betancourt

I wonder how many people are mentioned as mentors and supporters in the Ketanji Brown Jackson narrative? Today she stands strong in representing women and women of color; but, who stood beside her and saw her purpose and passion? Who believed in her? Who routed for her along the way? Who made the investments in her? 

As we honor women who are making impact, age is definitely not a factor. I confidently present to you Makayla Betancourt, 21, who is on the path to becoming Dr. Makayla Betancourt. This walking dictionary brings with her an immense passion and commitment to making change for women and POC population beginning now. She takes initiative and infuses herself into her community and already has a notably comforting bedside manner. Betancourt is from the Humboldt Park Community in Chicago and has had to live all her life fighting for equity; and as an inner-city kid, wondering why she had to fight twice as hard to gain the same exposure to healthcare and educational opportunities than others did. Betancourt began breaking through those barriers in her life, gained an education outside of her community at Lane Tech High School and today has already gained a phlebotomist certificate and has 3-years of higher education under her belt.


Makayla Betancourt, “I see you - you inspire me! I see you aspiring to learn all aspects of health and looking critically at gaps in services with the aim of delivering a more holistic approach to managed care.” In May, Betancourt will help to convene a group of mental health professionals to talk about mental wellness and ways to bolster mental health awareness and intervention for the people within our circles, allowing us to know when its time to take action.

The Utopia Connect Foundation aspires to advance women and girls, moving them into their highest potential and to get Betancourt to her next level is going to take a village. Betancourt serves as the President of the Young Executive Impact Board with the Utopia Connect Foundation and is in her final year at DePaul as a medical student where she also serves as secretary for doctors without borders. We are determined to support Betancourt all the way in achieving her dream and hope you will join us too. Next Level for Women identifies women who have high aspirations, exhibit promise, are making contributions, and simply need that next level of support. Here are the things we need in order to take Betancourt to her next level.


1.     Mentors & Advisors: If you are in the medical field, preferably a doctor who has navigated this course, we welcome you as a resource to walk alongside Makayla on this journey even if it means a one-hour scheduled chat about your life experiences.

2.     Sponsorship for Med School: I am asking our village to step up the way we did over the pandemic to support our doctors and nurses and view this as an investment that feeds the medical health field and in honor of every doctor or nurse we lost during the pandemic, we pause to honor them and to prepare a new generation to step into their shoes. Donate Now!

3.     Share This Story: Together we can ensure that Makayla Betancourt stays the course and continues to focus on health disparity and make greater impact in her community, even while pursuing her medical doctorate degree. The time to do bold work in breaking through barriers is now as we seek to advance women and girls. Please share this with someone who might help us connect Betancourt to funding.

Together, let’s help shape the narrative for Betancourt that will allow her too, to proudly post that she’s matched some day: Donate Now! or you can contact us at: to explore other ways to begin breaking through the barriers that many women face in reaching their full potential. 


Routing for you Makayla!

The Utopia Connect Team graciously thanks you for your continued support.



Muriel ~

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