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Body, Mind & STEM

Making Time for Self-Care

Understanding the Feel Good Brain Chemicals


About the Project

Build community while you learn skills for developing a better body and mind. Body, Mind & STEM is an inclusive STEM based program that looks at the physical body and mind through the scope of STEM; while considering how textbook science, technology, engineering, and mathematics play into our everyday lives specifically within ourselves as human beings. Students get to participate in science experiments that relate to discussion topics pertaining to the body and mind. With help from comprehensive health and wellness curriculums, along with instructor created lab experiments; students get to receive a holistic experience that provides a sense of self-awareness, STEM exploration, and college readiness. 

Body, Mind & STEM provides opportunities for young people in our city to connect, work as a team, and learn valuable life skills such as: Self-awareness, leadership; team building; public speaking, troubleshooting; and volunteerism. We infuse aspects of self-care; deep relevant discussion; resume & LinkedIn development; interviewing skills; field trips; and workshops into every session and we are sure that every team player is absolutely going to love this!

Body, Mind & STEM is funded by After School Matters and runs from October 3rd - December 17th: 2:30 - 5:30 every Thursday & Friday at Walter Payton H.S.

Public: Look out for Body, Mind & STEM Showcase coming to a place near you!

Meet the Project Team


Makayla Betancourt

Project Director

Our Featured Guests

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