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Hey There

Fun Fact About Me: I run on homemade coffee☕...I will still be dancing after the cows come home and cooking is my choice therapy.

About Me

Lea Prevost-Casimir is a graduate of Springfield College, MA, with a master’s degree in Organizational Management and Leadership and a BA in Human Services. She is a Board Certified Human Service Practitioner and a licensed minister in North Carolina and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Christian Counseling.


Lea is a second time breast cancer survivor. She has worked in the HealthCare Field for over twenty years in various leadership roles which are often manifested in her ability to connect the academic, personal experience, volunteerism, and professional work experience for the greater good of mankind.


Her skills stretch across geographic territories to address needs in effectively influencing current mental health services and social policies, with a strong emphasis on taking into consideration the cultural background and diversity of the population she serves.

Lea believes that the deliberate act of volunteerism impacts lives and communities and allows each one to give back generously in whatever capacity they are able to serve. She has strong leadership and managerial skills and is versed in working on the ground level with a unique take on human services. She brings a rich perspective on how the organization can utilize present resources and shape policy that will inform how services are provided and met for all communities. Her belt and suspender approach is admirable and affords her to maintain a constructive attitude, providing outstanding service while making a significant contribution to the organization’s goal of wellness.


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