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Angels Give

Angels Give is an opportunity for us to collaborate with you and others to help make life brighter for someone else this holiday season!


This year The Utopia Connect Team will donate gifts to La Rabida Children's Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children. And, because Angels Give, we're also working to identify a few families who have been impacted by the California fires that we can give to.


We ask you to open up your heart to help us give this holiday. Every little bit helps and we appreciate you being an Angel who Gives.

Why We Give

One of the greatest gifts one can bring to our humanity is to teach our children to give at a very early age. We give because there is extreme need around us but in addition, we recognize there is extreme power in giving. When you give in the true spirit that expects nothing in return, you experience joy and and growth through your generosity and ultimately live a more significant life


We recognize how blessed we are and in acknowledgement of such, we stop to think of those who are experiencing lack. The holidays are a time when that lack shows its ugly head so loudly for those in need. If we can take a little bit of our excess and share with a child, a single mother, or the homeless; we will magnify our blessing for having the heart to help those in need.


Meet an Angel

Angels Give is inspired by a 13-year old boy by the name of Angel. He is so inspiring even at this tender age and has already been living a life of Giving. You will be hearing from Angel soon via video as he is so passionate about us giving each year. Ahead of the holidays Angel went through his toys and found gently used items to give away. He truly believes in giving and sharing that he wanted to ensure that others got gifts the way he does during the holidays.


I am so happy to motivate others to give for this worthy cause. 

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