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Hey There

Fun Fact About Me: Born and raised on an island, I love to be anywhere near water and my favorite color is black. Yes, I do believe black is a color and not just the absence of it.

About Me

Muriel brings over 20-years of dedicated work to communities across Chicago with a strong aptitude for building partnerships and leveraging resources.  A great team player, she is known for her leadership and coaching skills; and for her project direction, design, and management. She has a keen eye for finding innovative measures that we have no doubt will unfold in her mission for Utopia Connect Foundation. She also believes that the key to getting things accomplished is the ability to pool resources and will rely heavily on collaborative endeavors by seeking out individuals, organizations, corporations and governmental agencies that are effectively getting the job done to ensure communities are well serviced and supported.


In her work with Community-Based Organizations, Chicago City Departments and partners, and local corporations; those who know Muriel would strongly agree that she is not afraid to identify and address barriers; challenge systems; and remove roadblocks to processes; making her an ideal candidate for the role she now plays in strategizing and leading the organization’s vision for community change. One of the key qualities that she has honed over the last 15-years is her modest, yet strong ability to connect people and opportunities, thus, effectively engaging all stakeholders. Her cornerstone approach to delivering wellness to communities is to catalyze one integral fragment of community- “People”. She believes that when a community’s citizens are empowered and physically and emotionally well, those communities are subsequently healthier and safer places to live.


Muriel earned a BA Degree in Journalism from Columbia College, a MA Degree in Social Impact from Claremont University, and is acquiring a MA Degree in Designing and Implementing Leadership and Project Management Strategies in Organizational Settings, from DePaul University. 


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