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Hey There

Fun Fact About Me: In high school I played netball and was a candy striper. So many of you may never know what that is right :-)

About Me

Dr. Martha Joseph Watts is an English teacher, a teacher trainer, educational consultant, author, and writer.  She is best known for her Writing to Respond (WTR) process—an approach for improving students  performance in writing. She has published several educational resources to include books, workbooks, classroom charts, student and educator wheels. Dr. Watts’ newest work is her publication of children’s fiction. 

As independent education consultant she conducts professional development sessions to  support schools with strengthening their literacy needs. Dr. Watts served as elementary teacher in her home country of Dominica, as an English middle and higher school teacher in the US Virgin Islands, as adjunct writing instructor with the University of the Virgin Islands, and currently as Literary Coach in Florida.

While working as an English teacher in the US Virgin Islands Dr. Watts was awarded the Heath Humanities Award for Excellence in teaching the humanities. In addition to her work as a writer and educator, Dr. Watts has been involved with community outreach like prison ministry, and nursing home visits. She has also been instrumental in her church community as a Sunday school teacher and supporter of events  that cater to people with special needs, foster children, and people with need.

Her philanthropic work includes donating her educational resources to schools in disadvantage settings in the Caribbean region, providing professional development sessions to educators in those settings; She was also instrumental in setting up community library in one community in her home country. She continues to support other non-profit work as the need arises.


She is married and has one son.

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