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About Me

Gregory Traphagen is a retired attorney, successful businessperson, mentor and consultant.  His experience comprises senior executive and consulting roles in the manufacturing, distributing and service industries, working with world-class companies such as General Electric, AMP, Akzo and Delco, at operations in the United States, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan and the European Union. He is uniquely qualified to assist companies in addressing the complex quality, culture, supply chain, profitability and logistics issues of performance improvement, acquisition due diligence and integration, out-sourcing, off-shoring and on-shoring.

In addition, Mr. Traphagen currently serves as mentor and advisor to several local not for profit enterprises focusing on strategic direction, marketing and outreach.

His professional experience includes leadership roles as CEO, President and Interim President and he has specific expertise in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources and Quality.

His pragmatic and inclusive approach to management allows him to bring senior perspective and experience to diverse enterprises, irrespective of their market or audience.

Mr. Traphagen is an experienced Bankruptcy Trustee, has served as a Receiver for the Cook County Circuit Court, and has been responsible for hazardous material remediation. His public interest experience also includes serving as Mayor of Philmont, NY.

He is a proud husband and grandfather and currently resides in the Northwest Chicago suburbs.


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