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An Undercover Experience

Finding Inspiration from Women

Who are Making a Difference

About the Project

An Undercover Experience is a true immersion into what is happening behind the scene and what goes into the making of becoming a woman who finds herself and her purpose. The team gets the opportunity to call the shots by finding these women, interviewing them, documenting their stories, learning their traits and then exploring and finding ways to emulate them. The final project is a documentary unveiling that tells a beautiful story of the impact that can be made as we unveil the lives of these women. 

An Undercover Experience provides opportunities for young people in our city to connect, work as a team, and learn valuable skills such as: Photography, video documentary, design, leadership; team building; public speaking, troubleshooting; and volunteerism. We infuse aspects of self-care; deep relevant discussion; resume & LinkedIn development; interviewing skills; field trips; and workshops into every session and we are sure that every team player is absolutely going to love this!

An Undercover Experience is funded by After School Matters and runs from October 3rd - December 17th: 3:30 - 6:00 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Clemente H.S.

Public: Look out for An Undercover Experience Unveiling Showcase coming to a place near you!

Meet the Project Team

Our Featured Guests

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