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If everyone in Chicago could make time to do something small but intentionally good for someone else each day, that would be the start to making a difference. We work with children and families, young people, women and girls, and any one invested in impacting Chicago in big and small ways that lead to safer, healthier, and progressive communities.


We believe that as we work side by side we will learn from each other and serve each other into becoming our best selves, where people are empowered to be contributors within their homes and their select associations, allowing these good acts to spill over into public spaces and heighten the positive value of social engagement.


We Organize
We have created a space for you to start a petition or to start your own project. A community without a voice is handicapped. People must be able to identify their needs and have a place and a way to be solution oriented and bring their suggestions to the forefront to better conditions that impact their lives and that of their communities. Therefore, we find it beneficial to provide a vehicle to support viewpoints and to conveniently provide an avenue to empower residents.
We Connect & Build Community
We Help to Connect Youth to Opportunities: We promote opportunities that will motivate our youth, create a love for community, enhance marketable skill development, and inspire young people. Youth are encouraged to get involved and we are always busy trying to find opportunities that fit their passions.
We Advocate
We Promote, Collaborate, and Advocate: We work towards alignment with organizations that are already engaged in doing exemplary work throughout the community.

Our goal is to achieve this vision collectively, not competitively. We'd rather not re-invent existing efforts but rather, honor and promote the work that many amazing organizations are already doing and ensure that those services are duly capitalized. Through assessment, we will also advocate for programs, services, and other needs.
We Volunteer
We like to think about volunteering as a gift that goes way farther than the act itself. We know volunteer recipients benefit and most often greatly appreciate the extra support that voluntary acts provide. But the volunteer is actually the greater beneficiary, to step outside of “self”, expecting nothing in return for their labor but that they have served and made humanity better.
We Read Books - Join Us!
We read knowing that knowledge is power. Do you have suggestions for our summer 2021 book read?
We Foster Access to Information
We Provide Access to Community Information:
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Utopia Connect Foundation, Inc.  

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We Read Books - Join Us!

We read knowing that knowledge is power. Do you have suggestions for our summer 2021 book read?