LaFem Fiere

LaFem Fiere

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LaFem Fiere was created with women and young girls in mind. We figured if we could find young girls who wanted to learn a trade and we could motivate them with the right incentives and connect them to other girls and women with the same interests and goals, then potentially, we would have created a community with a commitment to learning, growing, achieving, and excelling in an effort to improving their economic conditions. Our dedicated women will mentor younger women, teaching them how to design, build, and market their products and teach them entrepreneurial skills to launch LaFem Fiere as an umbrella name label for all of their work. Girls will partner with the organization and receive a percentage of the work that is produced; leading to lucrative incentives and propelling their interest in further skill development and professional pathways.
  • Girls and Women Matter

    LaFem Fiere is meant to empower women and girls. Women will get to mentor young women and young women will get to learn valuable skills. Women who support this program sponsors a child and will receive the name of the young woman that is being sponsored by your giving. Your sponsorship will allow a youth to go through a life saving workshop and get connected to a skill building and meaningful program in the city. You will be provided the name of the youth you sponsored and about their experience with us at Utopia Connect Foundation.

  • Donation Acknowledgement

    Thank you for your generosity and for your commitment to support quality youth education and advance community services. We thank you for making a difference in the lives of families. After your donation is received you can expect to receive an official letter of acknowledgement of your giving. 


    Again, Thank You.

  • Your Sponsorship

    Your sponsorship of $250.00 will allow a young woman to go through this project and learn and grow valuable skills that will enable her to significantly contribute  to our workforce. $6,500.00 will help us fund a 12-week project and a generous giver's donation of $19,500.00 will allow us to run our programs for a full fiscal year. For every individual giving, you will be provided the name of the youth you sponsored and about their experience with us at Utopia Connect Foundation. All other givers will recieve an indept report of the youth served and the impact made.

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